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Looking for medical insurance Dubai? The Lifecare International team can assist you in making the best choice. Lifecare International is one of the best medical insurance companies in Dubai because unlike other brokers we take pride in carefully selecting our providers to ensure our customers receive the best possible service.

In 2013, the Dubai government announced new medical insurance policy requirements. Health insurance became compulsory for all UAE residents, as well as for country visitors. The new system’s rollout started in 2014 and the process will take place in several phases concluding in June 2016.

All employers aspire to provide the best medical insurance in Dubai for the best value for all of their employees. This is why choosing one of the most reputable medical insurance companies in Dubai has become so vitally important.

Lifecare International is committed to taking all of your requirements and specifications in consideration before suggesting an insurance product. Our consultants will give you as much time as needed to listen and understand your insurance package prerequisites before suggesting a product that will address all of your needs.

The exceptional customer service, excellent value for money, prompt response to enquiries and strong work ethics determine the popularity of the Lifecare International team and the numerous numbers of satisfied customers that we have.

The company’s history started back in 1996 and Lifecare International began its operations on the UAE market as a Sole Plan Adviser for Bupa Global. As the popularity of Lifecare International grew, the company became a fully-fledged insurance broker that has been addressing the needs of Dubai customers in the best possible way.

Give us a call today to discuss your Dubai medical insurance needs or take a look at the range of services we offer to familiarize yourself with the Lifecare International portfolio.

Lifecare International is an independent, fully regulated and ISO certified specialist health insurance intermediary. Founded in 1996—and staffed with over 100 caring, innovative and passionate professionals—our offering has widened to include Financial Services, Travel Insurance & General Insurance. We believe nothing is more important than protecting your health, wealth & wellbeing…> More about us

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