Lifecare International

Lifecare – Our Promise to You

Lifecare take time to consider all of your requirements. Your consultation with one of our consultants will give us time to tailor make a health insurance package, suitable for your needs and these are matched with suitable products that are available on the market. We take time to get to know you.

Lifecare offers you a unique service and we promise to provide you with the following:

  • Proper access to an experienced advisor to discuss your Life Matters
  • An extensive choice of excellent providers
  • Value for money
  • Exceptional customer service
  • A prompt response to your enquiries by telephone or e-mail
  • Peace of mind that, like a friend, we have your best interests as a priority

Lifecare – Our Story

Lifecare was started in 1996 by Alniz Popat. His first client was his own father, who frequently traveled abroad. So when a serious illness meant his father needed to make a claim, Alniz personally felt the true impact of having the right health cover, not just for his father, but also his father’s business and the family as a whole.

The cover enabled Alniz’s father to have the right care and treatment during the last few weeks of his life. It also meant the family could be together at this highly emotional time. Had they been with a different provider, these last few weeks would have been drastically different. Seeing what this vital time of togetherness meant to the whole family, Alniz developed an enduring passion to deliver truly tailored cover that would ensure peace of mind and provide the cover that was really wanted. It is as a direct result of this experience that the company affirms the belief that life is always ‘better together’.

Visit the Our Team page to find out more about Alniz Popat and the rest of our Leadership Team!

Lifecare – Giving You a Truly Independent Solution

We began both our Kenyan and UAE operations as a Sole Plan Adviser for Bupa Global, one of the world’s largest medical insurance providers. However, as we expanded, we added further medical insurers to our list of providers, resulting in our present status as a fully-fledged insurance broker for worldwide clients.

Over the past 15 years, we have also widened our services beyond health cover to offer wealth planning as well. And, as you’d expect, we continue to bring the same deep level of personal commitment to every client, at all times.

Lifecare – We’re About People, not Policies

We make sure each person, each family and each business gets our best advice on health and wealth protection, to meet their needs.

That’s because we know what having the right cover really means when a claim has to be made. We believe nothing is more important than health protection and nothing gives you greater freedom than wealth protection.

Lifecare – Supporting you with Quality and Better Value

Our desire for perfection in giving every client the right policy at the right price has seen our business expand. We now have 100 health and wealth professionals looking after families, individuals and companies. Over 25,000 lives and 1,000 businesses have trusted Lifecare to advise them on their important Life Matters.

We are proud to be an ISO-9001 certified insurance broker and we look forward to using our experience, expertise and passion to protect your future too.

Lifecare International is an independent ISO-9001 certified insurance broker, who look after the insurance and financial service needs of expatriates and local nationals living in the UAE and Kenya. Its head office is in Dubai, with regional offices in Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu.

Lifecare – A Reliable and Established Service

Starting over 15 years ago in 1996, Lifecare is the Sole Adviser in the UAE for UK company Bupa Global, offering international medical insurance advice and healthcare solutions for its customers.

As a privately owned company, Lifecare has expanded, and we have added further companies to its list of providers. We now offer advice on a wide range of products for individuals, families and companies such as life assurance, savings, investments, general insurance including car, home and marine, travel insurance and much more.

Today – Lifecare’s team of 100 dedicated employees look after the health, insurance and financial needs of over 25,000 members worldwide including 750 companies.


Our specialist services include in Healthcare, Travel Insurance, Financial Services and General Insurance

For Employers

Business is about building strong relationships before anything else. But, did you know the number one consideration in choosing a company to work for is not the level of salary, but the package of benefits that comes with it?

That’s why at Lifecare, we are focused on creating an effective employee benefits strategy that will help you:

  • Demonstrate your care and commitment
  • attract, motivate and retain the best people
  • keep your costs under control
  • deliver value your employees trust and understand

Lifecare bring specialist advisors who are committed to developing and delivering health and wealth benefits which enhance your employees’ lives, such as comprehensive medical and general insurance, income protection and retirement planning.

Our Better Together approach enables you to align your employee benefits programme with your business objectives, meet the needs of your staff yet reduce the cost and time factors usually involved.

By taking time to ensure each person understands the full value of the package you are offering – whether explaining its advantages over an existing arrangement or introducing it for first time – the real worth of your investment is properly understood by both you and your people.

Working as a seamless extension of your HR management team, Lifecare will help you to truly make a difference in the lives of your employees, and reap the business benefits. Discover how with our unique three-step ‘Better Together’ process.

For Employees

Your employer has selected Lifecare as a trusted partner to deliver and manage a range of health, wealth and wellbeing services.

As an employee, you can take advantage of additional personal healthcare and financial services through Lifecare, such as a completehealth and wealth management plan or simply a single insurance service that might not be part of your exisiting package.

Some of these are at our expense. Other, more complex services are available for a specially reduced fee, because of the great partnership we’ve built with your employer. So why not at least take advantage? We can help make your life easier and give you opportunities to get your finances working much harder for you and your family.

We provide expert advice and make everything clear. Don’t put it off for a moment. Imagine how good it will feel to have your insurances and finances organised, expertly managed and working just the way you want.

To give you and your family a better future, we follow a simple three-step ‘Better Together’ process.

For Individuals

At Lifecare we believe health insurance and wealth management is not about policies, procedures and claims and pensions. It’s about the individual and our job is to understand your needs, as an individual and tailor-make your insurance package to suit you.

Lifecare provide a detailed health, wealth and wellbeing service that takes into account the full life picture for yourself, your family and your future.

With a clear, structured approach Lifecare ensures maximum value whether you require a complete health and wealth management plan or simply a single insurance service.

Our expertise across a wide range of healthcare, insurance and financial products and services is backed by strong partnerships and extensive resources to provide knowledge, support and control over the long term.

To develop a personally tailored solution for you, we follow a simple three-step ‘Better Together’ process.

Just call our expert sales team for comprehensive policy details and a competitive quote. Get in touch with us today!